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There 10 Fun Things to do in Bali With Family is nothing more pleasant than activity tours with the family if weekend or holiday season arrives. If family members are off it's good if you invite all of them to vacation together. You can visit the Zoo, picnic, play to the beach or vacation out of town. Well, for you who are in Bali and was about to do activities with my family then here is reference 10 tour activity with family in Bali.


Fun Things to do in Bali

1. Get to know the variety of poultry on Bali's largest bird park

Bali bird park or the Bali Bird Park is a favorite family vacation destination in Bali because in addition to affordable ticket prices the Park also provide a high educational value for children. Bali Bird Park located in Gianyar Regency and has a collection of about a thousand birds.

2. See the Fauna in Bali Safari and Marine Park

The Park has an area of about 40 hectares it contains hundreds of animals from different parts of the world that its Habitat is made as possible to the original. In addition to viewing and interacting with a variety of wildlife the patrons can also menyaksikkan the show animals or dancing.

3. Nature tourism in the Green Camp Bali

Green Camp is located in Badung Regency Abiansemal. These sights offer educational tours which can add to our insight of the nature. By taking one of the provided package Green Camp and you along with the family has been able to enjoy the beautiful countryside, got an insight into the knowledge of the world of agriculture, cultural study Bali and play exciting games. Packages are available in the Green Camp Bali including the Green Family Adventures, Kids Green Adventures, Schools, Corporate, Green Supercamp and Green Institute. Very fun activity for the family in Bali.

4. The Waterbom Bali

Who does not know the Waterbom Bali, an unusual pool offers exciting recreational rides and fun for the family. For adults there are a few games that could spur the adrenaline and for children there is a whirlpool which could diputari while lazing.

5. Visit the Turtle Island

Turtle Island is located in Tanjung Benoa Beach and adjacent to the famous watersport location in Tanjung Benoa. After the watersport activities usually visitors who engage their children immediately took the package to visit the Turtle Island. The island's Guide introduces the diversity of green turtles began to how to keep the turtles, the turtles will incubate telornya, egg sea turtle hatchlings and see turtles that are already hundreds of years old.

6. Bali Bedugul Treetop

Bali Bedugul Treetop is one of adventure tourism activities are great fun and done in an open natural environment that is very beautiful. Bali Treetop located at the Botanical Garden, Bedugul Tabanan Regency. This activity is also one of the most favorite and highly acceptable to communities that want to do recreation with children and families. In addition to family activities, Bali Treetop is also very suitable for company outing activities.

7. Water Tourism Seawalker

Seawalker water tourism could be a choice of vacation activities because it can be performed by adults and children. There 10 Fun Things to do in Bali With Family are many locations that provide seawalker activity but that we discussed here i.e Seawalker Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan is a small island across from the island of Bali reportedly its shores is one of the most beautiful in the world. The island also has coral reefs and pristine marine life so very suitable location Seawalker activity.

8. Watch the show Devdan

Devdan Show is spectacular spectacle that combines the culture in Indonesia Islands each with an arrangement of visual as well as audio. The show was held in the stage with a capacity of 700 seats in Bali Nusa Dua tourist area Theater, BTDC Nusa Dua.

9. Photos on Trick Art 3D Gallery

Trick Art 3D Gallery is a museum that provides a 3-dimensional image that is unique and interesting. Image Tricks is a museum located on Sunset Road 789 Seminyak. The pictures contained in the museum using special techniques that create the illusion of a remarkable photo. There are around 80 3D images that can be used as a place to take a ria with your family.

10. see a Butterfly Collection in Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is located in Sukawati Gianyar Regency. The Park has a background view of rice fields and tropical surroundings. Butterfly Garden has the concept of conservation, education and appeal. Visit the Park we can see directly the pupa or Chrysalis spaces that are hanging in a room and if lucky we can menyaksikkan how the pupae transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Very fun activity for family tourism in Bali.

Cool right, the above 10 Fun Things to do in Bali With Family, surely your family liked it and will be happy with the above activities

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